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Pushing deeper into the corners
of the wall I’m in
and never sure of all the men
with smiles of hope and tears of fear
who can’t stand to gaze
into their broken down mirrors
of parted pasts when weeks
start to go by too fast
time spent alone is time that wont last t
but they’re still out there climbing up assembly lines
to fix their crooked masks
and turn to think:
“If I always do what I’ve always done,
I’ll always get what I’ve always got”
what I’ve been is who I’m not
well they can beg you to love them
then tell you to leave
and weep here alone until their eyes bleed
and wont be relieved once their souls been freed
that hunger inside is too eager to feed
and all i can see are
grey faces worn down by a life
spent on their knees

A reminder that no matter how hard they push
nothing will shift, we’re too big to fit
and they still walk around here like bandits

Rubbing crystal balls raw til’ the red glow burns
that just show our reflections in turn
those torches they bring are coming my way
the love that I have is here to stay
but the love I have isn’t love
until I give it away

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