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Two-faced hypocrite energy vampire

Did you morph into your other self

Before you contradicted both of you?

Maybe just below the surface

I should have seen the real you lurking

Waiting for anyones misfortune to entertain you

Your actions are questionable

But the motive that drives you is plain as day,

I know that misery is what you crave,

If you're not feeding off my sorrow,

You'll wait for someone else to hurt,

Sometimes though, that's not so fool proof,

Before long your fangs will show,

Sucking the life out of those around you,

Leaving evidence that you bathe in others pain,

Talking with pretend care in your voice,

Saying what is supposed to be said,

For certain what is supposed to be heard, accepted,

Coaxing people into friendship,

Gaining trust on hallowed ground,

Then pouncing when you feel confident enough,

Oh but you see!

I've learned my lesson!

I will be your victim no more!

I've shut you off for good,

I will not share my life with you,

Now your words have no validity in my world,

"Not Welcome" is the doormat you will see,

"Unavailable" is the message you will hear,

If ever I see you in person all you'll get is a blank stare,

I do not trust you,

History has taught me to never trust you again,

Now, I'm not sure why I did at all,

I'm taking away your power,

Drying out one of your feeding grounds,

Not contributing my pain for your pleasure ever again,

I know that you'll get hungry,

That evil burning for a helpless victim,

Inevitably you'll be back at some point in time,

Saying things you don't believe,

Waiting for good graces,

Standing like a shadow in the doorway,

I'm patient enough to wait for you,

In all your life sucking glory,

To try and weasel your way back into my head,

And I'm strong as I've ever been,

Not to fight fire with fire,

But to extinguish you for good,

You will not go where you can't feed,

There must be the promise of a meal for you to invest time,

I'm anxious to tell you that my kitchen is "closed forever",

You've been 86'd.

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