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Without You

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Without You

Without you there is pain

Every breath outside your presence is a futile gesture

Enough to sustain my body and mind while my heart chokes more and more

Every step outside your presence rings louder and more solitary

Crying out from the absence of your steps beside them

Every word spoken outside your presence is empty and useless

Meant for your ears, yet wasted in the dusty wind

Without you, there is longing

Every dream outside your presence is a wicked illusion

Making me believe I am with you again

Every thought outside your presence is a grim reminder

Of the life I left behind

Every wish outside your presence is a mockery

Knowing that there is still more time to bear

But this pain is only for a season

Every breath is also a reminder

That I am alive and I am loved

Every step is also a joyful tune

That soon will be joined in harmony with your own

Every word is also a cadence

In rehearsal for our conversations soon to come

Every dream is also a blessing

Keeping your love fresh in my mind

Every thought is also encouragement

That my life remains home waiting

Every wish is also hope

That they may all be answered soon

So much has been given to me

So much that I don’t deserve

You are the deliverer of my hopes and dreams

You are the bearer of my heart, mother of my children, and love of my life

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