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Free and Me (co written by Vanessa Trayler)

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this is the place i long to be.. flying high feeling free  
like the emerald city of green but this isnt oz it's the sea  
and i'm no wizard i'm just me and thats all i'll ever be.. 
It's all I see through the rough times i achieve trying to succeed respect through the hour glass, i don't mess up
but take that chance to step up
to a game that i laid out with out a doubt 
you make me wanna jump up and shout so loud 
it rocks the halls with such a cloud of sound 
it shakes the walls and the windows, 
from the doors and the halls, nothing matters antymore at all 
just you and your mind screamin not to fall
but to combine your mind, become that individual
standing tall, picking yourself up like when you started to crawl
your life is to short to even consider this situation you think of
your not going to solve it by relapsing or acting
the way that you did>>
whether you did or didn't, you'll always see what you saw,
so slip your fist and twist 
the lid off this instant of resistance
lift it to your lips and sip,the taste is intense
this sense of strength the key to open this
chest of terrible experiences, 
the painful instances locked hidden
in denial and depression, 
look in and see it's illusion for what it is
it's just a flaw that ignites the bad thoughts>>
u wanna see the light at the end,
then see the tunnel, open your eyes and fight to win
no matter if it's you committing a sin 
theres just that slim time for error that you can spare
closer than anything that your hair, has encounter
now i grow louder, louder than ever
cause i speak from the heart, while we are apart
from one another, just don't bother to deflate 
what has been blown up
for you my friend, you must be torn up
it's in your eyes, like a seed wanting to sprout 
reading the words HELP, which i can make out 
hold out a little longer dont give in to the doubt
denial, whether it makes a difference,
you cant help but resist this
you wanna see the light, 
see the trees for the forest inside 
the depths of the darkness of your insistance of ignorance, 
you can rise above with just a moment, 
turn from the doubt and embrace whats true and honest, 
the change that wont last, friends you make you'll still miss, 
will forever sit within your beating chest
when you live for the moment and see whats at stake,
what little negative remains fizzles and fades
with the dawn as quick as it came, 
yawn and before you know it
its gone and you've won. 

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Awesome! Totally lived it through your words...

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Thank you!

Sry I wasn't able to reply right away, I must have missed this. Thank you for your words!

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You bet!

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