Cheesy Cheese Burgers

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Cheesy cheese burgers of gigantic proportions

Super sized fries and weight distortions

They lure you in with the charbroiled grilling

Then they stuff you to the brim with an apple pie filling

Make an order but you don't know what you're getting

Chili cheese McDouble you've got to be kidding

The milk shakes and the mudslides in the middle of the night

A dollar chicken nuggets and somethin' ain't right

It's cheesy cheese burgers of gigantic proportions

Stupid size fries and weight distortions

Rows and rows of un-inspected meats 

Slap it on the bun and label it complete

you wouldn't believe the stuff that we eat

It's sleazy sleaze burgers of gigantic proportions

super-sized fries and weight distortions.

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