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Indifferent Host

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He prances around the coffee shop
A former Adonis now disheveled
He scowls at the gathered patrons
A former celebrity now ignored
As a host he is pompously precious
if only to placate his wounded ego
The perched performers practice
covert hostility in order to gain
access to minuscule stage time
Necks twist and sore eyes squint
to take in freshly birthed verses
gingerly aired by strained hearts

and yet

Deep within this indifferent host
an anguished parasite quietly grows
with feverish dismay towards a now
inevitable rebuke and ghastly climax

The host has abused his ravaged body
to the nth degree once and for all

The parasite rebels and latches onto
the vulnerable and weakened appendix

and now

Convulsing alone on the bathroom floor
A final performance for long-forgotten
local garage band fliers and graffiti
The host collapses in a tactless heap
Defeated by the determined parasite
Bested by his all-consuming ego
His tarnished legacy is now set
Greeted by unspoken, skeptical sarcasm
Progress rolls its eyes and moves on

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Wow, nice personification! I like the final point, too. Sad people in a sad world sometimes, but it keeps turning. -Soulja4Alethia

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Yes, indeed it does. More and more, I find amazing things when I step back and obserbe from a different point of view. Thanks for reading!

Eric Lawson
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I swear this isn't based on anyone I know...

Eric Lawson
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