It’s A Great Day

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The flowers are all blooming

The sun is shining high

The birdies are all singing

The clouds are sliding by

I’m not worried ‘bout my future

I’m not worried ‘bout my health

It’s a great day to kill myself


My girlfriend really loves me

And she’s doing all she can

To make sure that I always stay

A very happy man

We might do this together

Like happy little elves

It’s a great day to kill ourselves


Why would you want to go out

on a day you’re feeling down

That wouldn’t be the right way to stop

Just think it over with me

and I’m sure you will agree

Nothing beats going out on top


They just declared peace on Earth

They’ve put an end to war

Nobody’s killing anyone

Nobody’s even sore

We’ve all become as rich as kings

We’re sharing all the wealth

It’s such a great day to kill myself


Now you might want to do it on

a day you’re real depressed

If that’s the way you feel about it

you can be my guest


But I think I’ll go a different way

I’m jumping off life’s shelf

‘Cause it’s a great day to kill myself

Lord I’m coming

It’s such a great day to ki….

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