Love is Such a Convenient Word for Sex

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We’ll hook up in a local bar I’ll tell you that you’re cute
You’ll say you think that I am really swell You’ll laugh at all my bad jokes and hint you’re unattached I’ll mention that I’m unattached as well.

Things will go so smoothly there will be no need to ask
What each of us is planning for the night
We both know what we’re after, we both know what we want

It’s just a cinch things will turn out right
You’ll say you love being in love, I’ll take that as my cue 
I’ll have no doubts, I sure I won’t be perplexed
It’s just a twist of language in a code we know so well
Because love is such a convenient word for sex. 

We’ll drive to my apartment and hop right in the sack
But we won’t ever mention that you won’t be coming back

When it’s over we will lie in bed and talk about it all
And we’ll make believe the things we say are real
We’ll talk about the future, talk about our love
But we both know, that’s not how we feel

In the morning when the taxi comes we’ll leap up out of bed
And you’ll race downstairs while trying to latch your bra
We’ll make plans to get together, but we won’t set a date
That wouldn’t be the right way to withdraw

I’ll kiss you on the cheek, you’ll pat me on the head
I’ll say “I love you, dear," and all the rest
That’s what you’ll hear but we’ll both know exactly what is meant
Because love is such a convenient word for sex

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