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Lady Jane

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Lady Jane

Lady Jane has another pearl waiting for me.
'Focus your mind ' she says 'and I will teach you to believe.'
Trust is what I seek ' I screamed; laughing deep inside.
'Lady Jane my pearl please I know all the places you hide.'

'Your pearl why?'

I see strange flowers blooming while cement fills the sky.

'Why,' she shrieked, shivering the dead.
'I don't trust you. Now get out of my head.' 

'But your pearl is at the darkest part of this here world.'

Lady Jane went from a boy into a girl.

'Follow me and you will need to believe. Give me a kiss and promise you will never leave.'

'I'll take you around the world,' I said. 'Just not today.'
'Now give me my pearl and fade away.'

Lady Jane in a dress of silk; Drinking grape juice, wine, and milk.

'You're crazy,' I said, 'I just need to be alone.'
'Follow me to the pearl,' she said, 'it will take you home.'
'Hey, it is getting kind of blue,' I screamed. 'Look at this here sky.'

Lade Jane is a aeroplane and she is way to high.

I asked the black bird for a ride, but he said he had to much pride.
He told me; 'Life is to short for you to choose this way to die.'

Lady Jane is back to earth in a pearl black hearse.

'I'm scared,' I screamed. 'Don't ever leave me that way.'
'Then promise,' she said. 'Promise not to ever let me fade away.'

Lady Jane is a sunset at sea.

'I promise you this,' I said, 'You will always be my angel of destiny.'
'Give me a kiss,' she begged, 'and we shall turn to one.'

'I believe in love,' I said, 'but I have got to run.'
'You will be back,' she yelled, 'I know this now.'

Lady Jane is a demon, and she is fading out.

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I really liked parts of this, especially the rhyming at the beginning.

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