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Life in the Form of a Word

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If I could speak a word and shape it

Think of all the things I’d make it

Blues and greens and purples too

So many options what should I do?

A little romance and something queerer

Horror reflects love like a mirror

A human face with human hands

Long curvèd horns my word demands

I give it wings, which I take away

I give it legs to run and play

Those end in feet and scaly paws

With short stubbed, and blunted claws

I give it a snout with vicious fangs

And a great long tail from which it hangs

It will sleep at midmorning and reign at night

It will be a scholar, a warrior that will fight

It will have gold sequins and silver glitter

Its mood is happy; it will never be bitter

It will do as I say and nothing more

It will hold my chairs, my books, my doors

It will be fluent in a hundred tongues

And have two heads and fourteen lungs

With all that wind it will create song

Play a whole band and I’ll follow along

I’ll be the conductor of its marching band

And when I’m through I’ll still its hand

"Come on let’s go, to see the world!"

And so we flew, through space we hurled

Just as we reached the moon I heard

My creation making a sound absurd

It sounded like my teacher way back home

How long had I rambled? How long had I roamed?

"Time’s up," she said, and stopped her timer

"Pass your papers forward inside your primer,"

What was the assignment? I hadn’t heard

And all that waste, for just one word

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I really enjoyed this. One question, was the switch from present tense to past tense intentional?

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This flows really well, and instructs the imagination to form an image similar, to the one you saw within your mind. Nice piece of writing.

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