This Soul

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This person that everyone thinks they know is slowly dying
  • Everyday I can't stop from crying
  • I cry even though not a tear is shown
  • This body of mine I have developed into stone
  • I keep all my emotions in because I have no way to let them out
  • I feel as though I could go crazy, all I need is one good shout
  • Countless nights I lay awake
  • I wish these thousand of thoughts someone could take
  • Depression I feel I fight everyday
  • It would be so easy to give in, but I'm still too strong, there's no way
  • This struggle no one has a clue
  • They assume what they see is true
  • This struggle is caused by each and everyone
  • I should to others, what to me they have done
  • However, instead I hope and pray for you
  • I hope the same some will do
  • I often think of others before me
  • My dream no one seems to understand, no one can truly see
  • Something for only me I have never done
  • I truly want this, nothing else, just this one
  • The only thing that keeps me going is this dream of mine
  • Soon this dream will be a reality it's only a matter of time
  • I hope sooner or later peoples selfish desires will fade away
  • And one night in peace I will finally lay
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