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They tell you not to gamble

Then they make you take a job

Where each paycheck’s one more roll of the dice
Best treat your bosses kindly
Or they’ll surely put you out
And you know they won’t think about it twice

All of life‘s a gamble it’s a wicked game of chance
But you’ll play it until the day you die
Some folks are plain unlucky
The rest can only say
But for the grace of my Lord, there go I

Jesus lived life holy
Still they nailed him to a cross
He made a bet with God, it didn’t go his way
He just might be my Savior
He surely is my friend
I pray that I might walk with him one day

Life is a wager you make between yourself
And each and every person you come by
You know you’ll make some bad deals
But the good ones help you say
But for the grace of my Lord, there go I

It’s thirty miles of hard road
Between here and over there
When here is what you have
And there is what you need
If you meet me on that highway
Don’t pay me any mind
Just say “Good luck. Fair-thee-well, Godspeed.”

Life is a cathedral, it’s a sacred, holy shrine
When it soars you’ll swear you nearly touch the sky
Or life can be a hovel, it’s our’s to decide
But for the grace of ourselves, go you and I

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