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Oh muse oh intellect aid me now

Oh projection that schemes my woes

Through I shall show the collapse

Of all we know

And care not to.

Through the depths and dust of death

Many lessons have been wrought

Only soon to be forgot

For purposes to lead away

From what has been taught

Our memories shine through genetics

But dull by indoctrination

And we find ourselves lost

Without torch or beam

In the austere fog of progress

Our forlorn hopelessness eminates

Distorted by capital and regress

In the divine humanity of the haves

Against the knots

Untangle our hearts and minds

To will to a cloud of light

Hovering over our worldly blight


I swim past a stream

I bumble by a brook

They’re the last ones left

Without contamination

I’m not the only one here

A crowd has developed

An infestation of humans

Will kill these too

The fish mutate

The trees are felled

Human waste floating

To a beaver dam

A mile away

Our picnics are landfills

And our breaths are death

Our blood is radioactive

Our lives are a mess

But we live now for a reason

Committing nature’s treason

The universe is so vast

We will be gone very fast

A planet explodes

A galaxy erupts

Everything into boiling hot dust

We will mix with the vacuum

Of mysterious space

And land somewhere

Light years away

Still feeling disgrace

The seed will be planted

Once again

The cycle started anew

Everything is built for destruction

In this cosmic stew


The sun has turned black

The moon is on fire

The earth stopped turning

Its not judgment day

Its humanity’s ire

Roses are ashy

Violets are brown

Rivers are pudding

Imagine mother-nature’s frown

Grass is broken glass

All trees turned to timber

Air is nicotine miasma

Tumors are fashionable

Death is preferable

Suicide is expected

And honorable

Your only job is to live miserably

And try not to procreate

Our cells mutate

Evolution in a day

The industrial revolution

Started only 250 years ago today

A smile is a frown

A frown is a smile

There’s no fresh water

for miles and miles

you laugh at the worst

and cry at the best

memories of simple days

now all just a haze

rumors circulate

of a far off mountaintop

where folks worship

the last living flower

then throw themselves

into a crag

onto a pile of

decaying corpses

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