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Dreaming Streams

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Just a little stream.
A little stream running through a little park
In the middle of this little town.

But lain across that little stream
Lies the trunk of an old fallen oak
Who I like to visit from time to time.

It is one of the last days of March – –
And though Winter has not yet given her farewell embrace –
The sun is shining on a blue sky
     With fluffy little clouds floating by.

I sit on this log and for a time,
The civilized signs stop screaming and I
Find myself in a peaceful reverie.

This little stream runs alongside the path,
But here it gives the path a bow to hide
This dreaming place of mine.

My feet dangle over the water,
And to my right the water rushes downward:
Flowing under the oak’s branches,
     Lost around a bend downstream;

My feet dangle over the water,
And to my left the water falls:
O’er the great oak’s feet,
     Lost around a bend downstream.

I look back and see a pool,
The water, dammed by my favorite perch,
Slowly trickles down beneath and
     Rushes along the banks.

After a stagnant winter
I sit on the edge of this moment of change
And look to my future swiftly flowing,
     Lost ‘round a bend downstream.

When I get up to go somehow I know
The sky will darken with rain clouds running in,
And as I walk along this little path to home I’ll see
     Many a bend and a twist ahead
     And a long-since-fallen bridge.

I lay down to bask in the warm sunshine
And look up through skeletal living branches,
Like cracks in my view of heaven.

“I am water” whispers the world to me.
I close my eyes and feel the flow,
Eddy! Rush! Ebb and go,

Lost ‘round a bend downstream.

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very nice, serene

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Love it!

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