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The War

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Tis a gruesome morbid tale it's true

But the retelling of it is for you

For if the tale gives rise to fright

Makes it hard to sleep at night

Don't drown the mem'ry with strong drink

But rather let it make you think

Ten soldiers in a field one day

Where as children they did play

Dressed up in their fine array

Five in red and five in gray

Red 1, Gray 1, without thinking

Pulled their respective guns

And in the time it takes to pull a trigger

Two grizzly deeds were done

Each shot the other in the head

Their playground, now, their funeral bed

Two Reds stared and Red 3 said

That there's my brother lying dead

Yes, I know, Red 2 replied

The good of State, that's why he died

And convinced that this, indeed, was so

Raised his rifle to his foe

But, Gray 2, so swift with his knife

While losing his, took Red 2's life

Seeing this, Red 3 did speak

Not want'n to sound scared or weak

Praised his comrades' bravery

"To follow, honor, destiny."

But with two Gray fallen, slain

Gray 3 felt not pride, but pain

And vowing to avenge their souls

Cocked the hammer of his Colt

But when he pulled the trigger

The deadly weapon jiggered

And misfired, as guns can do

And he killed not one, but two

Three dead Red, three dead Gray

Two of each remaining

So Red 4, Gray 4 then faced off

As ordered in their training

Red 4 said, Oh, I was poor

I have a job to do

So I hate to tell you buddy

But your time on Earth is through

This inspired Gray to think

That things had reached the point

To see his happy home again

Red must meet his bayo's point

Thus in unison they lunged

With last thoughts of their mothers

And while Red 4's throat was slashed

He spilt the belly of the other

That left just two remaining

You'd think they'd have a chance

To think things over clearly

To learn from circumstance

But instead each only saw

A chance to be a hero

The one of his side standing

When the enemy had zero

They slugged it out, back and forth

East and West, South and North

But neither could prevail

They stayed their fight

Through the night

Even through a mighty gale

Bloody noses

Bloody clothes

Covered head to toe with dirt

Dawn's light found

Red 5 choking

Gray 5 with his shirt

The madness would not stop

Gray broke free and rolled on top

Then grabbed Red by his sleeve

And slammed his fist into his teeth

But numbed by pain and anger

And the instinct to survive

Red thrust muddy, bloody fingers

Into his attacker's eyes

In blind RAGE, Gray, he screamed

Vowed to see Red's soul in hell

Given the current state of things

Perhaps it'd be as well

In the flame of fury

The fight continued

Each broke the other's bones

Tore their skin

Bruised their bodies

Shattered teeth upon a stone

Then they thrashed into the river

Red swore to drown his foe

But as Gray sank deep down

Into the mud below

He clasped tightly onto Red

Ending both their lives that day

The river holds their final words

To this very day

Peaceful men before the war

Each honest and upstanding

Tis fitting they be mourned

By those of understanding

But the world, it keeps on turning

These deeds will be forgotten

The candle, time, is burning

Fresh flowers soon are rotten

But when you feel the rage

Of a hundred crosses burning

Think of eight slain soldiers in a field

And two in the river churning

And of the ending of this tale. . .

Two children skipping rocks downstream

Their faces light up with a gleam

Knowing nothing of what had been done

Pluck two floating hats and put them on

This innocent joviality

It scared the daylights out of me

For though I know it need not be said

One donned gray, the other red

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Wow, I'm not even sure what to say about this poem. I love it!

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