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Communicating with a Man

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The language of a woman is very easy
but let a man tell it – it’s way too diffi-cult;
acting sick and becoming queasy-
flipping the conversation like an in-sult.

I assume if he can hear then he can listen -
not to certain words but to every sentence.
I know it can’t be that hard to pay attention.
Tell me why do we live in coexistence-

Simple words like buy, bring, bought and chore,
Can cause an argument, tantrum and a great debate.
With his whining and complaining that he’s sore;
you soon start contemplating his soon to be ‘ill fate’.

Try using phrases with the word “no”,
For him it will be hard, and it’s univer-sal!
He will only sit, staring as if he were slow,
and simple conversations are then a rehearsal!

But to say “si – si, oui – oui” he will understand;
for this is a language he knows all so well -
because in his mind he has the upper hand,
Without realization you’re gonna to raise hell.

With a deep breath, without getting upset;
Calmly and slowly tell him to get in gear,
and suddenly he will comprehend very clear -
then it’s a language he’ll soon not to forget.

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My husband's favorite word's huh? He's a man don't you know! I'll read him this poem And I'll be sure to read slow. lol Love it! Thx

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You are very welcome wickedwahine_69....I hope all went well on that night...lol

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