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Out out they go in     

rippled waves undulating

smokey-mirrored rings


these concentrics like  

Orbs in clouded Spaces there

about Diana


E'er Supernal,

now circles for Faces gone

to places else... Yet


out they go & go...

these rings apulse aquivered

beyond this Sun and


Antipode, awash

in clouded Moonslight...out &

out - Oh!, not-so-brief


Candles - beyond Space 

Antivort, as sponge Re-re-

flections of an-


nulus Consequence!

Unicentric wavepercusses -

Bom!...Bom!...Bom!... Eurhyth-


mically "Telltale Poets"...

Time... Non Esse! And yet they go...



from cloudy-headed

Places... Echoes through soundless

Space, these filaments


to a Billions Years'

devolution, alas the

Pebble in the Pond


To what Heaven this

Hell hath wrought from throbbed circums

of our obliqued Lives!?




                                        (Ad Astra Per Aspera)
                                            Two Shea   


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