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A young father's worries and thoughts: PART 2

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I am  unaware of the constant activity going on in your head

It scares me to think that this is on an everyday basis.

I do not understand all the concerns and worries a lot of the time

Is it because you are a financial provider and protector of mine?

Is it the economy the outside dangers or just general fear of strangers,

Coming into your home, when you are working and gone,

Away from the your loved ones and having the ability to do nothing,

If ever something should happen,

So many things running through your mind,

What are you looking for what is it you want to find?

You wear your heart on your sleeve my dear,

It will crush you one day, it is my biggest fear.

You are so strong and vulnerable all at the same time,

Though you wouldn't dare admit it dear love of mine.

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