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Southern State

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Fuck you returning to this state

and not seeing me   Fuck you  returning


    Remember (I love you) those nights at

that bar--but fuck moving away               I love you moving away

Fuck    the earth rotating 

    to winter

    to this always cold

Fuck coming back           Love

          southern plans

Fuck     Austin, Austin, Los Angeles 

Fuck      this city      the trees all dead as if they have given 

up too     Fuck not giving up    Fuck so-and-so thriving

Love          May June July August  a sliver of September

Fuck          the rest        all of it          I want to be somewhere else

        Somewhere with out hemisphere   with out people 

            who move south         then further south         then gone

     Love these memories       The Levee and you smoking out front

            Botanica and everyone smoking out front

    your footsteps by the door 

Fuck the time you moved south then called only once at six in the morning drunk and all you said were Beatles lyrics       Fuck The Beatles 


Love the time       you       touched my feet in the cold

Fuck  how often     you hurt

Love the time you touched my feet-----

    truest thing done


Fuck psychology: the more you

talk about a feeling the more you feel it.

Fuck showering      sleeping     eating 

I love you

Waking up before noon barefoot in the kitchen

       Fuck the time I fell in your kitchen   my kitchen

Fuck humility and pride Fuck  waiting

        Love    wanting            Love  lust          Fuck wanderlust 

        and horses

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Raw complex of emotions where the word "fuck" stabs like a dagger

Joshua Hennen
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