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Superman And Depression

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  "S.uperman  A.nd  D.epression"

The man of steele of lately has a real rubbery feel.

The skies are past the verge of darkened

A smothering veil pulled too tight

What happened to even a sliver of light?

It'll be months before the sun can peek through

This dudes catchy costume has turned all blue

To reclaim his strength, he'd like to fly to a sunnier state

He lays there on a pillow of Kryptonite

Pondering considerably, yet unable to motivate

Lois Lane, Lois Lane can still preoccupy his mind

Yet he can't  expose his emotions, they're lead, to which he's blind

Sometimes he lays slump, crouched in a phone booth

Again he's passed out drunk

Other days, Lex Luther drops by

Playing the chauffeur to his different crime scenes

There's no super hero work after the fact

Back to The Daily Planet

For dinner, a cold can of beans

As for any worthwhile writing, he's become a hack

In desperation Lois buys him a mood light

The saturation penetrates his super eyes

He now drops out the window, taking flight

Picking up Lois, they zoom past those cloud-filled skies

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This poem is my interpetation of Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is becoming more and more common.

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I think people originally from sunny states have serious mood swings affected by the weather. Growing up in Ohio and now living in California I see it all the time. I want to shake some of these lumps and say snap out of it! Good piece.

Eric Lawson
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