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Another one just walked by.
They always look
I can see their faces turn as I come into view.

Sky blue eyes and thick blonde hair
Tanned skin and a porcelain smile.
They are all the same.

Roll out of bed and go to class
Hair a mess last night’s clothes
I can feel the eyes on me.

Puff away on my third cigarette
Dangle a boot from my big toe
And pick at the hole in my sweater.

Haven’t showered in days
No make up, just a hat to cover the grease,
But I just can’t shake them.

It's too much.
They just keep watching
I want to disappear.

Wash my hair and dress up nice
High heels, push up bra
We are all the same.

There are no more eyes
I can’t feel their stares
Finally I’m invisible.

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Excellent poem. You touch upon a relatively common theme with the simplicity and maturity necessary for a good poet. The result is effective.

Joshua Hennen
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A sentiment echoed by many so called "misfits" throughout the world. A relatable poem with broad appeal, which is all one can ask from a good poet.

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