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Mix fruit flies and ottomans were the only things left from your divorcee's Avon potluck. Papa don't preach because I'm in MRIs loosing my patella and meniscus stability. It's just a drill April Fool's for another farm animal flu

we are

catching involuntarily in the outfield of Dodgers Stadium. Hold my hand out of sockets while you clamp my wrist wrestling brace to other soft machines. We have it under controversial impulses to sniff out trouble from behind. It's not that the trophy boy toy is

better off

the mantel than on the floor, kicking and screaming. Park your posies and pickled fingernails! We have an aeronautic adventure ahead. I forget most of your allergies in my other bed. Make sure you close the door and frame the gangster creeping out of your cotton bleached restrictive loin cloths. I missed you at the afternoon tea. Sugar and agave never could sparkle and leave us


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I really really like this! It's different and interesting the way it is written. I really like the picture too.

-Amanda J.

Amanda Jay
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Interesting stream-of-conscious piece. I like the way you have a hidden line throughout, but you may need to change the line directly after the second stanza as it does not flow well. Otherwise, I think it is good.

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